Hi all,

I usually climb/boulder in the gunks or Peter's Kill. However Mom and Dad are coming up this weekend from down South, so I figured I could still get my gunx fix by trotting everyone out to the mountain house on Saturday for a day hike (either Labryinth or Giant's Workshop sound good from my reading here.) I've never been at the mountain house before.

Problem: Mom got wind, somehow, of the Woodbury Commons outlets and wants to stop there on the way up to New Paltz. Even with outlet's early opening of 9 am for Columbus day weekend, this is still going to put us at the Mountain House at noon, I'm sure. (grumble grumble)

Is parking at the mountain house a similar situation to parking at the climbing areas, mainly that you don't have a prayer of parking if you arrive after 9:30 or so in the morning?