chris - i assume you are referring to the X-Scream Series (yellow) and not the "X-Scream" (orange)? I was looking at the specs and the two look like a very different ski--the orange one looks like much more of a long-radius-turn ski for fast downhill/GS style runs, not such a tight turner. which one do you have?

You are right, I have the yellow ones. They are just what I am looking for. They have a bit of wobble at high speed, but they are fine for carving big GS turns and they have definitely helped my mogul skiing. I didn't do any research at all before buying, a friend called with an offer I couldn't refuse. He knows how I ski and thought they would work well, and the price was great. I am happy with them and when you get the ski in just the right groove it is a blast trying to stay on for the ride.