Hmm... it's interesting. How many people get the "perfect" ski? As opposed to people like me who just go for the "great deal"? I picked up a used pair of Rossi Bandit XX's (I think they're 170s, down from 180 straight skis). I was looking for something else, but well these used skis w/ bindings were just too good to pass up.

The best mountain to ski is Mad River Glen, no doubt about it. Of course, I don't ski much anymore, so my favorite mountain to ride is Stowe. Killington is the usual destination though since once you get on the runs it's less crowded than Mt. Snow. Killington has some nice glades, and there's Outer Limits- I love that run, but can't get the other snowboarders to go with me... don't know why snowboarders don't like moguls, I love 'em. Used to like Whiteface when I skied hard, haven't been there in years. Jay Peak is great, but it's a trip I make coming from Montreal, too far for a weekend from NYC.