OK so its not really ice climbing, but I didnt want it to get buried in general hiking.

This has been on my tic list since my first winter visit to the Mt Washington region. I have been thinking that this is the year for it.

Although I have prowled the web and guidebooks and have lots of info I wanted to poll this group and see if anyone has attempted it or done it in the winter?
- how did you find it? which side did you start from?
- what trip preparations did you take?
- Solo?
- incremental or did you camp through?
- how long did it take you?
- guided or unguided?
- Success?
- any other logistical details?

Route finding is a huge issue and more than a few of the stories I have read involve epic long hikes while trying to find the next cairn. so that is my biggest worry. Also a big reason to use a guide (traverse trips aer expensive and scarce IME does 2 - 4 per season).

I just have to do this one for all the obvious pain/suffering reasons.