yes, I know it

IMHO you're better off with minimal "beta" and preparation. As little as possible prior knowledge will enhance the experience... You should, of course, have significant prior winter mountaineering and camping experience, carry and use maps and compass, etc. etc. If you don't have the requisite experience - not recommended.

Here is the essential gear beta: all you need to know is that wearing woolen knickers, Mouse boots and a wooden handled ice axe will score you mucho bonus style points!

We started from the Randolph side. This is a great way to go. I don't know but you can still stay in their hut in winter I think. you need reservations, though if I'm not mistaken.

Best time of year is Feb-March, you can get blasted right off the mountain if Jan. and the days are too short. I don't know how crowded it gets up there these days. Avoid the crowds if possible.

The only other "beta" you need is: have fun - it's not about pain suffering and frostbite you should really be having the time of your life... and you will!


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