I did the trip in January of 93’ with three friends and no guide. We had a very enjoyable trip going north to south with nice weather until late in the 2nd day, then the weather turned real bad real quick. We were prepared so it was no problem. The trip took 2 ½ days camping the first night around Mt. Adams and the second night somewhere past Mt. Jackson hitting all the summits along the way. If I remember correctly, the regulation is that you should have a minimum of 2 feet of snow where/when you camp above tree line. We were on the summit of Mt. Washington at 8 am the second day. We used snow shoes and carried an ice ax and crampons. Although we never used the crampons, I would recommend bringing them anyway. The other logistical detail was getting a guy from IME to drive us from the finishing point (where we left our car) to the starting point. I forget what we paid, but it was pretty cheap. Have fun and good luck.

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