I could be wrong, but I don't think the route The Sting actually refers to Frodo's sword.

There is also Orc Stone. And the variation to Balrog ... Balrog Escape (aka Bridge of Khaza-dum).

Then there's a bunch of Lord of the Rings-sounding names, but not being a Tolkien expert, I'm not sure if they are actually references: Elf Stone, Evenstar, Gil-Galad, Rhun.

Are you talking about doing a 5.8 with a Lord of the Rings name ... or just a good 5.8?

Cause like RR said, I think the only one in the 5.8 range is Bag's End and that is 5.8+.

If you're thinking about climbing something soon ... better stick to anything in the sun that doesn't have snow melting all over it!

Of all the Lord of the Rings-named routes, the best one by far is Ringwraith ... but (boo-hoo) that's out at Skytop.