We got about 10" last night, so I got up late this morning and headed over to the West Trapps lot where I found a lone car in the parking lot.

Getting to the top of the steel bridge, I found that a lone set of tracks set out headed down Undercliff Carriageway. My alternative was to break trail on Overcliff. Though the snow was fluffy and light, I decided to follow the broken trail. The sun was out, and I quickly found myself stripped down to 2 layers. As you might expect, it was beautiful, and peaceful.

Arriving at the far end of the Trapps (Rhododendron Bridge), I had a choice to make. Continue around in a circle on Overcliff, or return from whence I came. Since I had Abu, my dog, in tow, I decided to head back the way I had come, so that the track would not be messed up on the Overcliff side.

But on the way back, the sun had gotten higher and higher, and I soon found the snow in the track I had made was sticking to my skis like crazy. I remedied this development by jumping back into the fresh, light power. I was breaking trail, but at least I was getting some glide.

This snow was just what the doctor ordered. Should be some great, fast skiing for the next few weeks.

Uberfall and Mental Block, 11am, Wednesday

evan marks
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