OK, so it's a crappy rainy day and I'm bored....

Got out this week for my first taste o' Gunks rock for 2004 , and it got me thinking about what routes I'd like to get on this year.
What are some that y'all are hoping to knock off this season?

My abbreviated list (I came up w/ over 50 ) includes the following routes:

5.7's and under - Shockley's (still ain't never been on it ), Sixish, White Pillar, Dennis, Andrew, YYYY, Casa E, the -dance climbs

5.8's - Birdland (followed it), Farewell to Arms, Double Crack, Main Line, Drunkards, Broken Sling, Alphonse, Casablanca, SoEO in 1 pitch, p1 of Birdie Party, Fat Stick to YR, Cruise Control, Portrait of the Artist

5.9's - Bonnies Direct, CCK Direct, Le Teton, Apoplexy, MF (followed), Directissima to MT (followed), WASP, Trusty Rifle, Pink Laurel, Grand Central, p1 the Spring

5.10's - we'll see....

So, when it finally stops raining , whaddaya wanna climb?
"Flailing?" "Flail on!"