Since skis etc. are now on sale in a big way all over the place, I thought maybe I'd try to gear myself up for next season and save myself a bundle. So I need some advice, as I'm not an experienced skier. I'm mostly interested in using them for approaches to climbs - and then will need to climb in my climbing boots, and don't want to haul two pairs of boots. (Is it true that only randonnee bindings will take plastics?) So, they don't need to be able to do radical downhills, but they should be able to do a reasonable job of skiing back down the approach trails -- and if I didn't have to buy a second pair of skis to occasionally join friends for downhill skiing, that would be a bonus. I was hoping to be able to get away with buying one pair of AT or tele skis, fit them with randonnee bindings, and mostly use them uphill for approaches with my climbing boots but occasionally use them with actual randonnee boots for downhill skiing. Is that right, or do I have it completely backwards? Help! Thanks!