There is an incredibly manky fixed anchor midway to the GT on Tequila Mockingbird (I'm a little confused on exactly what pitch that corresponds to, but it's about halfway up the cliff).

It is comprised of two pitons (one of which appears solid, both are a bit rusty) equalized by a way-old 1" and a newer bit of Spectra. Both pitons bend under body weight. Also tied in is a mediocre small fixed nut, girth-hitched to the way-old 1" webbing only.

The whole thing makes really great squeaking noises, the pitons bend under body weight, and the rap from that point goes over a pretty sizeable roof (so there's a good bounce of force added).

To the "concerned locals" or whoever might look over these things: please, please chop it or bolt it.

One could make a decent argument for a pair of bolts up there. The rock above is fairly loose, and a pair of bolts would be consistent with other first-pitch bolts in the Trapps. Further, it might help to popularize these two really-fun climbs, since the anchoring situation is a rope-drag-mess overall.

Alternately, there are gear anchors, and one can either climb up to the GT, the clifftop, or the rap tree above Welcome to the Gunks.

In any case, that fixed mank is the worst I've seen in the Gunks. Please, please, someone, pay it some attention.

Thank you.