skillit, I have a copy of the latest Couloir sitting next to me (you should pick it up, it has the review of all the 2004 backcountry skis) and the impression I get is that the Ethic is a stiffer ski than the Nunyo. Therefore it is best suited to experts and/or people who are on the heavy side. The Ethic is also suited for a range of abilities, though.

6mm puts the Nunyo on the low end of the Midfat range of skis and therefore it will probably be better on your typical Eastern hardpack and ice. Either ski will probably be a valid choice for you, depending on the type of backcountry skiing you are most interested in and the snow conditions you expect to encounter. If you want a powder rocket or expect to encounter lots of backcountry slop, crud and crust, consider the Ethic, if you expect to do lots of more typical Eastern hardpack resort skiing, the Nunyo (in a slightly longer lenght, perhaps) may work better.

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