i agree totally with pedestrian's comments regarding the character of those skis. the nunyo sounds like the best choice for you if you don't travel much, and the ethic would be better if you plan on taking them out west every now and then. at your height and weight and ability level, i would go for the 175cm ski in a nunyo, or 176cm in an ethic.

i would try on both the matrix and the denali tt in terms of boots. the major downside to the denali is that it isn't dynafit compatible, but it doesn't sounds like you are thinking along those lines anyway. i upgraded from lasers(the old version of the matrix) to the denali this year, and it has made a big difference for me particularly when i am resort skiing.

make sure you have a good boot fitter, and that you get the new thermofit liners. they are warmer, lighter, and more comfortable than the old liners.
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