It's so seldom that I can actually get the skis out I figured I would give the Delaware report

About 10 inches fell from Saturday 1000 to 1600. The snow abruptly stopped at 1600 with nary a flurry after. Weather had predicted from 11 to 18 inches, so they were not too far off. Actually had to put the truck in 4-wheel low to get home on Saturday afternoon.

Anyway, it was in the low 20s when the snow was falling and it got down to single digits on Saturday night, making for super skiing conditions on Sunday. I've never seen such good snow (or at least as much good snow) in Delaware. It's usually the wet stuff if we get enough to ski on.

I skied about 8 miles in White Clay Creek State Park on Sunday afternoon. Cold and windy, but (as usual) skiing keeps you warm. Someone had laid tracks on an abandoned road bed, but nothing in the woods. I put down about 2 miles of tracks in the woods. A couple of skiers took advantage of them just as I was leaving.

Returned on Monday afternoon for another run, same route. The deer had done some damage to the tracks on the road bed, but still good and fast. My tracks in the woods had been stomped by one hiker, but they were still in good shape and the going was a hell of a lot easier than the day before. About 1530 the snow began to fall and skiing was idyllic...out in the woods, no breeze, soft snow falling, nobody but me. Did not see a single person in the 3 hours I was out. Superb.

Forecast is not good for later in the week, so I suspect it will all be gone in a few days.

Well, it was fun while it lasted.