Well, moving into a new house pretty much shut me out of the skiing this year. But now that things are melting, I'd like to get hold of some decent telegear. Question is, what to look for.

I already have a pair of Scarpa T2s. So I'm looking for skiis, bindings, maybe some other backcountry gear, but I'm planning to use the skiis primarily to get better at lift service places around here (ex. Hunter), before heading out to the wild west. I HAVE tele'd a little bit before, and I've been snowboarding and skiing for...ever . So I'm fairly comfortable on almost any slope.

But I haven't kept up on technology. So I'm looking for some help identifying the right items and sizes. Like what binding? Are bindings sized?, what size ski length? width? (I weigh 150lbs), etc. Also where's the best place to look.

Appreciate any help.

evan marks
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