Did a circuit of the Gunks over the weekend on the mountain bike. I have an old Bridgestone which I put slicks on and pumped them up. Phlan and I were supposed to meet up but I slept in...hopefully he'll report in separately. I rode out to Awosting and did a lap there - the weather was perfect and the views were amazing, then back via Castle Point Carriageway. I brought my swim trunks, but it wasn't super hot at the time so I waited until later in the day. Then I rode from the West Trapps lot out the undercliff trail, along Oakwood to Kleine Kill to the Mohonk Mountain House road. There were a few logs down on the way, which I walked over, so there obviously weren't too many people doing this loop. I rode towards the Mountain House for a while and then rode back out the one way loop to Spring Farm Road, which was kind of tricky to find. It runs across the Catskill side of the golf course and then down the hill. Instead of going all the way down the hill, I took the Bonticou Rd back and got lost a few times. I ended up going up Guyout Hill, which looked like no one ever goes up there. Perched atop several knolls, however, were strategically placed picnic benches, which would make for a good stop if you were so inclined. I found the way back down to Bonticou Rd again and then back through the golf course (although it says it is in theory closed from April through November). I then rode up towards the Mountain House and back to the carriage paths I had taken out. I rode back on Undercliff again to see one of the biggest crowds of the year by the Uberfall and rode to the Coxing Kill (good choice by the way since the parking lot was sold out). The water felt great.

A Weissenheimer Ale and one of Phlan's vintage German Schnapps (more like high test gasoline really) and the Mexacali Blue Salmon Burrito tasted great!

My next goal is to do the 100+ miler from New Paltz up Platte Cove and back. Any takers? Food stops guaranteed!