edit: I just re-read and I don't mean to come off as holier than thou, I'm just talking here.

Having shelped my sorry as into work by bike for just about three years now I finally have people around me paying attention!

I'm like the most popular guy on the elevator, and on my way in and out - the questions are fast and furious. I can't make it out of the building without a person or ten stopping me to ask a question or three.

It's cool and all, but I always feel like people are just seeing me doing it for the first time. It's become something that is integrated into my life. When people hear what it is they generally come up with a millon excuses why they cant do it. Sometimes I feel like they arent asking the questions to find out HOW they can do it, but to find the excuse for why they CANT do it....

- I live to far away : drive a part way to work to cut the distance down and bring your bike, alternate car and bike directions
- I dont have a shower at work : BFD, bring handi wipes and don't ride hard
- I have to dress up : so do I, I bring my dry cleaning to work on myu off days and leave it there
- I have no place to change : so don't, or use the handicap stall
- Bike are costly : and cars arent? anyway my main ride to work is a $350 single speed, I just found a PERFECT old MTB for $80 in someones yard - two tanks in my SUV will get you a sweet ride
- I'm to otta shape : do it, you wont be for long
- the route to work is to risky, dangerous with cars : you dont take the car route to work, you find a bike one. I'd be dead if I rode the same way I drive to work

I ride 17 mile each way - I dont do it every day, but I do it most days 3 - 4 days per week
my daily commute time varies from 45 mintues each way to almost 1:30 if the weather is real bad like snow or heavy rain.
The prep time before each ride and clean up after adds another hour each day.
Somedays it is a slog, somedays it hurts, lots of days I enjoy it.
Its my excercise, stress relief, enviro freindly act, and commute time all rolled into one so I think it actually saves me time!

My point is it ain't as easy as getting into a car turing on the tunes and switching off for a drive, but it is worth it, and now it is WORTH it !!

Riding your bike to work is like the crux of a hard climb - commiting to it is often the hardest part.