I'm still reading it, and am enjoying the book thoroughly. I just got through a part where it tells about his FA on Bitchy Virgin and it just made my day. "Why?" you might ask. Well, I'll tell you! I recently climbed the route, seconded P1 and led P2. I'm a new leader, and it was the most intense of my climbing experiences to date. So cool that I wrote a little essay about it afterward.....

So, here is a little exerp from my essay(opening paragraph, actually):

By the third move on the climb’s first pitch, I had an inkling of why her first ascentionist might have named her “Bitchy Virgin.” For a 5.5, the holds were no gimme and I could practically hear the rock resisting peevishly.... “No. I won’t be an easy conquest. You make the effort. Think the foothold would be better if it were just a little closer? Tough! Work for it if it’s so important to you. I don’t feel like giving it to ya….!”

...and, here is a quote from the book:

"Kraus also continued to push himself on the rock. His route, Bitchy Virgin, received the first "R" rating in the Shawangunks for danger....... Kraus explained his inspiration for the route's name: " 'Virgin,' because it had never been climbed before." He shrugged, as he continued, " ' Bitchy,' because she wouldn't let me in."

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