As neighbors we, the undersigned, wish to maintain good relationships with the Mohonk Preserve. Events of the last several years however have given us pause. The Mohonk Preserve has used confrontational quit claim deeds to claim land from some neighbors and, in concert with the Shawangunk Conservancy, has used the legal mechanism of adverse possession in an attempt to lay claim to the land of another neighbor. More recently the Mohonk Preserve has been lobbying the Gardiner Town Board to pass the confiscatory, divisive, and highly controversial zoning law now under consideration.

As landowners we have a fiduciary responsibility to ourselves, our families, and our heirs to protect our assets. As a group we have protested loudly and clearly, in many venues, about the unfairness of the proposed Gardiner zoning law and its detrimental impact on our ability to fulfill our responsibilities. Some of us have privately asked the Mohonk Preserve about the unseemliness of their vocal support of the proposed zoning law which benefits them so greatly at our expense. They have failed to respond.

We respect the property rights and boundaries of the Mohonk Preserve. We now ask the Mohonk Preserve to publicly state their willingness to respect the property rights and boundaries of all of their neighbors. In the interest of an ongoing respectful and neighborly relationship we ask the Mohonk Preserve to disavow the use of quit claim deeds and adverse possession to wrest land from their neighbors. Further, we ask the Mohonk Preserve to publicly withdraw their support of the divisive Gardiner zoning law, which will bring disproportionate economic harm to so few, and instead work with us to find more equitable approaches to open space preservation along the ridge.


Charlie Bales
Don Conklin
Bruce Keeping
Carol Ann Keeping
Mike Yucowicz
Kent Pierce
Pauline Alexander
William Connor
Michael Browne
Jonathon Gascoine
Richard Weaver
Mark Rollins
Helena Duda
Anita Gehrke
Nat Higgins
Rich Lapp
Pam Lapp
Chris Ullrich
Mike Fink
Howard Harder
Toby Stover
Charlie Majestic
Marybeth Majestic
Louise Haviland
Robert Lapp