I bought three vintage ice axes off of Ebay. I am looking for a resource to understand the history of each. The only webpage I can find is in Japanese and even when I use a webpage translator it's tough to follow.

Does anyone know anything about the following ice axes or where I can find out? Value?

1) Gebr. Willisch - Schweiz - Tasch Zermatt - 1942

2) Gebr. Andenmatten - Schweiz - Saas-Almagel - 1941

3) P. Schild, So-in - Kandersteg - 1941

I beleive that the blacksmith is listed first, then the country, and then the town, followed by the year but I just can't seem to dig anything up online. Is there a book that you know of? Personal experience?

Please let me know if you know anything. Thanks.
- Joe