OK, so this is a kind of "Say wha'?" subject, but here's the deal...

I just bought one of those kid seats (a Topeak) that fits up in back of me for WeeVee. I was planning on putting it on my GT Avalanche but after reviewing the installation instructions and checking out the bike it ain't going to work (that i can see). So, I also have this 20-sumpin' year old Trek 610 - loved the bike, raced it a few times in bi... oops sorry, duathlons (back in my day we were allowed to say biathlon) with modest success. I'm figuring I should retrofit this thing to be my beater baba-hauler - first thing to go will be the one-piece aero bars that I put on myself in favor of some flat bars. Any thoughts on what else I should do to make this work? Or should I just trade it in for a cheap hybrid?
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