Yeah, I would always rather just give away old gear than sell it, but I sell the stuff if I don't know someone who can use it.

So... Today was freakin awesome! The conditions were unbelievably good and I finally clicked on the whole S-turn concept. Pushing turns in knee deep powder is something everyone should experience at least once in their lives!!!

Anyone know where to get more general info on snowboarding? I always like to be informed about the sports I participate in, but its been hard to find 'boarding info. I picked up snowboarding magazine and couldn't actually find any text in the whole damn thing. Every other page was an add. And web forums I've found make seem like downright intelligent and mature discourse.

It would seem that the focus is much more on looking cool than actually having fun and learning to ride. I have a lot of trouble imaginging myself in a studded belt with looks-like-jeans-goretex pants and a pink jacket. Right now I ride in Helly-Hansen full-zips and a Marmot soft-shell. Tre uncool!

But seriously, is there somewhere I could get info on technique and (non-apparel) equipment?