haha! that was a very subtle way of saying "keep your newbie, sideways sliding, snow-clearing ass off the black diamonds where I ski, boy." haha!

Seriously though, I wish people would stick to slopes within their ability. It drives me nuts to see rank beginners crowding, falling and criss-crossing their way down black diamond mogul runs. But ah well, I guess they paid the same $$ I did, so who the hell am I? But I will not give up my pet peeve of the idiot adults who guide their beginner kids through the terrain park areas, RIGHT UNDER the big jumps, where you can't see them. I've seen more than a couple skiiers and boarders have to bail out of a big air landing to avoid creaming some 40-lb kid snowplowing his way across the landing zone. ARGHHH.

oh well, Happy New Year!
we're all living proof that nothing lasts