dude, if yer not fallin', yer not ridin' hard enough!

Managed to get in a half day at Mt. Snow yesterday. It had reportedly been a pretty miserable week up there, because of all the rain that blew through early last week. But on New Year's Eve, they got 4-5 inches, and it was cold enough the latter half of the week to make snaux. The big, soft bumps that I pounded on Fall Line last weekend were gone, but the groomed surface was perfect. Hit that a few times until I found Chute open. They'd been blowing snaux on it for a while, and the new real snow hadn't been groomed. It was fantastic! The snow was a bit heavy, but deep and soft, and bumped up pretty good after an hour or so. I shredded my quads there the rest of the morning before heading home (and getting wacked by traffic! ugh; road work on I-91 near Deerfield, MA, had two lanes channeled into one, and it took me the better part of an hour of crawling to get through; then an accident near Enfield, CT, got me for another 20-25 minute delay). Oh well, it was worth it!

The last storm, and this one, are southerly affairs, with none of the snow reaching central and northern VT, so Mt Snow and Hunter look to be good bets today, tomorrow and this weekend. But the lake effect machine is supposed to kick up again mid-week, so hopefully Killington will benefit.

I'm thinking tomorrow might be a scki day . . .

P.S. - from what I read over on firsttracksonline, our Marc C got in a fat pow weekend at Alta.
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