Just an observation on the supposed "Shawangunk Biodiversity Partnership" referenced on the front page of gunks.com today. This is still really the Mohonk Preserve and the Nature Conservancy invoking the names of other organizations, supposed members of the "partnership", to lend credibility to all that the partnership does. But there is no partnership. There is no phone number or address listed for the partnership anywhere, including the New York Secretary of States Office. Contact links on gunksfireplan.org, the web site listed for the prescribed burns, are for Nature Conservancy and Mohonk Preserve employees. The brochure for the parthership is up on the Preserve's website. The domain name gunksfireplan.org is registered to The Nature Conservancy.

This is the building of an identity for an organization that doesn't exist, for the purpose of influencing the local political processes of master planning and zoning in favor of the Mohonk Preserve and the Nature Concervancy, and at the expense of smaller landowners on the ridge.