I skied into Black Lake in RMNP today, in AT gear. It was mostly awesome, but I have a gear question. Do any of you other ATers have preferences when coming downhill on rolling terrain (i.e., generally downhill, but interspersed with sections of flat or moderately uphill)?
a) I didn't want to put the skins back on;
b) It's difficult to maneuver on the flat/uphill sections with the heels locked down.

I decided that it was easiest to leave the bindings in uphill mode (the downhill portions not being very steep or difficult). This made most of the flattish sections negotiable. I only had a tiny problem in some of the slightly more uphill parts, where I wished I had just a bit of kick wax or something.... (My partner let me use some super skinny skins once to come downhill--theoretically to solve the problems above, but it turned out that they were just too sticky.)