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Self Imprisoned
Intraweb Message Boards.

One day so many of you will wish you had been banned from your favorite message boards. This way you would have spent that time actually doing something constructive with the short time you have instead of pissing it away on a cyber fire hydrant.

You will see.

Yes, I was prolific, and I still am. Because I write a lot and use the boards to hone my professional craft. I can pump this stuff out with less effort than it takes to breath. I put up all this in less time than it take the average person to write a single email.

But, most of you cannot.

You are not doing.

You are not experiencing.

Anything else would be better for you than staring at endless zeros and ones covincing you they have significance in your lives. At best, most message boarders are living vicariously in the lives of others through the medium of that other person's post and words.

If you cannot get up and go outside that is one thing. But if you can, you should stop reading this right now and go outside.

Come back in when you have attained an experience worthwhile enough to report about. And then do so.

And then, find another excuse to go back out again.


~Richard DeCredico

AKA: drkodos