There was a reunion of 70s and 80s Joshua Tree climbers last night at Kevin Powell's house in JT. Over 100 people attended, including Lynn Hill, John Long, John Bachar (he's climbing again), Randy Leavitt, Randy Vogel (JT guidebook author), Charles Cole (owner of 5.10), Herb & Eve Laeger (FAs at Seneca and many other places), Johnny Woodward (carabiner designer for Black Diamond), Maria Cranor, Rob Raker (adventure film maker), Tony Yaniro, Darryl Hensel, Dean Fidelman (aka Bullwinkle [photographer of Stone Nudes]), The Troll (referred to as "Mr. Troll Sir"), Bob Gaines (owner of Vertical Ventures Guide Service), Roger Linfield, Richard Harrison (FAs at Red Rocks and original member of the Stonemasters), Todd Gordon (the mayor of JT and expecting twins within a week!), Craig Fry (author of the SoCal Bouldering Guide), et al.

It was a who's who of California climbing and quite an event!