Rim Cyclery is really cool.
Call Coyote Shuttle, he'll drop you off at the trailhead for Gemini Bridges and you can ride back to town, mostly downhill. Check out the slackers at GB. Same for Porcupine Rim, but it's a bear of a ride, and I usually save that for the end of a week there because it's better when you're acclimated, it tops out at over 6500 ft. with spectacular views of Castle Valley, Castleton Tower etc.

Poison Spider is good for views. It's usually done as an out and back, uphill out, downhill back. A few sandy washes to walk, but not too bad. Some really good slickrock out there as well. Avoid the Portal trail return, you could fall off a cliff.
Check out Google Earth, it has some really good detail in the Moab area. You can follow most trails on it.
For slickrock that's a lot mellower than the Slickrock trail up on Sand Flats road, try Bartlett Wash slickrock, absolutely spectacular. It's north of town, near the airport.

Also, Tuscher Canyon Slickrock (next canyon South of Bartlett) is wild.

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