In the interest of brevity and in the interest of protecting the privacy of the individuals involved, fewer details are provided this time.

As with the Mary Lue Smith quit claim deed, the Near Trapps seller had previously sold land to the current owner. Again there was an error in the transcription of the deed. The Preserve discovered the error and, through an intermediary, approached the seller explaining that the seller might still hold an interest in the land they thought they had sold. A quit claim deed assigning any rights the seller might still have to the Preserve was filed in the Ulster County Clerk's office on January 27th, 2004. Said Mohonk Preserve quit claim deed was subsequently discovered by a title searcher.

In light of the Mary Lue Smith and Near Trapps quit claim deeds, every Mohonk Preserve neighbor has good cause to be worried about the integrity of their land holdings. Doubly so because the Preserve has failed to disavow the use of confrontational quit claim deeds after being publicly asked to do so by thirty Mohonk Preserve neighbors.

A copy of the aforementioned quit claim deed is available upon request.