So it isn't enough that Super Stop and Shop has built yet another chain store monstrosity in New Paltz. Now they have the audacity to actually hire one of those mobile billboards every weekend and drive all over the area just to let the community and weekenders know they are there. Twice now I have this converted box truck with a billboard on it sitting at the entrance to Minnewaska on a weekend. Chasing CU Market out of the Ames Plaza wasn't bad enough. Now they have to assault our senses with this useless barrage of advertisement. How could some idiot head manager decide that wasting gas on this endeavor is a good idea. I urge everyone...locals and visitors alike, to steer clear of this abomination in New Paltz. We had a perfectly lovely market in that plaza, but it could never compete with 2 huge chain food marts. The box store conversion of America is affecting New Paltz too. But you can do the right thing and not frequent that store. Let them know that their advertising on the ridge is totally unacceptable.