Some of you were there but for the rest of the gunks readers......

Search training happened this past weekend up at the Sam's Point Preserve (thanks to their support, esp. munchies!). Rob Mecus did a fine job of instructing a very diverse group of nearly 40 (wow!) on the basics of various search patterns, chain of command, etc. We spent a very cold and windy 3 hours looking for 'clues' at a nearby DEC parcel with a pretty good success rate of ~70%. Hopefully our combined efforts will be of benefit to those in need and support future land management decisions. Also of note, Graham (crackers) made a very generous gesture of committing to support of this new group with a couple of his Cilo (say it with a c-h sound!) packs!
Future trainings may be made available to those with interest, in basic first aid, further S/R , and other areas where volunteers can be of help. Again, thanks to all those involved!