It was a pita to get anywhere the past two days with all the snow. Monday we took a walk down the carriage road, popped up some variation of roger's escape Hatch (a short chimney with a 5.1 exit move that was tricky with all the snow?) and then slogged back along the ridgeline to the Uberfall, postholing all the way. Mostly about knee deep, with a really hard crust on top. My shins are very scraped up - speaking of which, if you follow the stream upstream from the uberfall, there's a not-insignificant amount (ie worth going to climb if you're desperate) of ice about a fifteen (in the snow) minute hike up, on the north side. I didn't know about it.

Yesterday, we took a snowshoe out to Bonticou. You can't win. Big wide groomed trail, and at first we were well to the side of the ski tracks... but then figuring that we'd try to stay out of the way of the skate skiiers, we hopped to the otherside of the tracks, in the narrow margin between the tracks and the edge of the trail. We weren't affecting the tracks at all, but we got yelled at and chided anyway. The snow was a ton softer yesterday, but going up the Bonticou ascent trail, the snow was easily waist deep in a lot of places. We soloed som 5.5ish crack at the top, but it had a lot of snow and ice still on it - stuff is softening up during the day, but it's still really cold! 18 this morning!

There's a crack that goes out the right side of a 30ish foot roof around the right (west?) side of Bonticou that looks like a really beautiful line. Anyone know what it goes at? Looks about 5.11ish?
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