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Since the discussion has moved towards other areas, has anyone led Half-Moon Crack on Vertigo at Cannon? Am I going to die on this thing, or just get hurt real bad? Its already some of the most intimidating 5.9 climbing for me, and I've only seen pictures at this point.

Mike Donnelly
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Half-Moon is not bad. I did it 30 years ago before cams and wearing EB's yada yada yada (well I did - so there). Seriously it is pretty solid - the last move where you have to reach up out of the crack to a bucket was a little iffy. If you are wicked skinny you can reach to the back and get some gear along the way. Alternatively you could just shell out the $$$ and buy a specialized big piece. Honestly we (I did it with a party of 3) thought the corner below it was harder.