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Gardiner Candidates Katz, Wiegand, and Lemmon Pledge to Save the Ridge
Republicans Reject Protection Platform

Gardiner, October 4, 2007: Gardiner Democratic candidates Joe Katz, Warren Wiegand, and Nadine Lemmon signed a pledge to protect the Ridge, while Republican candidates Bonagura, Bonner and Chapman, refused to make the commitments as outlined by Save the Ridge, Inc.

The Shawangunk Ridge is once again at stake in town elections. Republicans have been campaigning on reducing restrictions on development on the sensitive lands in the Ridge zoning district. In addition, they plan to not utilize the Open Space Bond Fund to help farmers and others preserve key properties and are openly hostile to working with neighboring towns and conservation organizations to protect Gardiner's natural assets.

"It is hard to believe that they would be so bold-faced about going backward when so much progress has been made." Said Amy Little, a Gardiner resident and activist with Save the Ridge. "The voters in Gardiner are smart. They know that their quality of life, value of land, and future of this community is intricately tied to protecting the land."

Save the Ridge, Inc. a non-profit, non-partisan citizen group presented all the town candidates with their 2007 Issue Platform (see below).

Little went on to praise Nadine Lemmon and Joe Katz for their leadership in bringing about progress in the town "Gardiner has accomplished so much in a short period of time. It would be a mistake to go backwards now. On many fronts, that's what is at stake. Voters care about these issues and in an election like this, their votes really count."

The Town of Gardiner election is on Tuesday November 6. Absentee ballots can be picked up at the new Town Hall.


2007 Electoral Issues Platform

Save the Ridge views elections as an opportunity to raise vital issues regarding protection of the ridge and its contiguous slopes.

Save the Ridge is an independent not-for-profit corporation, which is non partisan, and has no preference for any political party.

As an organization dedicated to the protection of one of Gardiner's invaluable natural resources, Save the Ridge asks electoral candidates if they will support the following:

1) Strong enforcement of the Shawangunk Ridge Protection District law enacted by the Town of Gardiner in 2006.

2) Utilization of the Gardiner Open Space Bond Fund to help landowners who wish to preserve key properties that the community has identified for protection.

3) Continued cooperation with the preservation and planning efforts of neighboring towns and conservation organizations that are dedicated to protecting the natural assets and landscapes of our region.

Candidates Pledge:

I support these goals and am committed to work for them as an elected official.

Name: ________________________________date__________________

Signed by Nadine Lemmon, Joe Katz, Warren Wiegand
Refused by Mike Bonner, Ron Bonagura, Bruce Chapman
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