So, I moved to Boulder a while ago and subsequently started a bike collection. I just finished putting together bike number 4 (a fixed/free mountain bike set up as a commuter). My favorite bike though is an early 80's Miyata Road bike that I have stripped all the components (including brakes) off of and ride as a fixie around town and on short rides with my girlfriend.

So, it came with 2 big old-style 27 inch wheels on it. I could not get a 27 inch fixed-gear wheel, so the back now has a modern 622mm/700c wheel. My question then, is does this make a difference? I feel like it is a little less efficient with a big wheel in front, but it is hard to tell. Tonight I rode it with a 622 off my road bike and it was definitely faster, but that is also a much lighter wheel.

Do you think its worth replacing the front wheel with a newer, smaller one?