I like this sleek belt with three small containers and one little cell phone size compartment. The bottles are about 4oz each. For size and comfortability it's perfect for me.

One problem though: The strong chemical odor in the bottles. They are not the clear plastic, or hard plastic typical of a bike bottle. They are soft and gray with a translucent stripe that appears to be a water level gauge. At any rate, I contacted Nike about the strong chemical taste and odor and here was their response:

"Hi Perry,

We just received word from our product developers and I have included that

Polyethylene is used in a lot of every day consumer products. (1 Gallon Milk
Jugs for example) Any squeeze water bottle on the market today is more than
likely made with Polyethylene (any brand or style).

One suggestion to try - store the Bottles with the Caps off, this may help to reduce the smell"

Trust me, leaving the caps off does nothing. Fortunately, the bottles are made in China, so there is little chance they contain harmful chemicals