C'mon, you always wanted to be a SoccerMom! Here's your chance. Buy this stretch mini-van, 132K miles, 3.3 liter V6, auto, A/C, seats 7 legally (seat belts) but can squeeze a few more. Or take the two rear seats out and carry a whole living room set (I've done it)or 4x8 sheets of plywood. Need a road trip vehicle? Add some bunks and sleep 3 adults with room left over to install bins for their gear. Big vehicle...you get the idea. Has gotten as high as 24 MPG highway but 21 is more typical. I'll be selling or donating it in the spring, so make me an offer in the $1000 range before then. NOTE - it has a pinhole in the rear of the gas tank (easy to reach this if you want to try to patch it, otherwise you will need to replace the tank), and the RF brake just started its puzzling/annoying "gets stuck once in a while" act. It did this a year ago and I replaced the caliper. That fixed it totally so why it is doing it again is a real mystery. Other conditions - just starting to rust, tires almost new, excellent running condition and a comfortable highway cruiser.

Just remember to get that big soccer ball decal for the back.