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Ouch! These replies scare the crap out of me... we THOUGHT something was wrong with the system.
This is a brand new home, brand new furnace... The place is kinda big, 2800 ft, with a good amount of glass which could account for some increased fuel - but the guys had been out twice because the unit was cycling on and off too fast and I guess it's still got some kinks!! (We've been in since Nov only & they filled up for Dec & Jan.)

What do folks typically have their heat set at? -Just curious.

68 or 69 F

As for note about propane's lousy deal vs oil, I'd have to argue it's way more efficient and TONS cleaner. There' virtually no maintenance needed on propane once it's working right... uh.. which I gotta work on right now![i][/i]

Cleaner and more efficient, sure. But that only goes so far to offset the $6/gallon (oil equivalent volume) price. You can do it on a BTUs-delivered basis if you want, but there's no getting around the density effect.