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The place is kinda big, 2800 ft, with a good amount of glass which could account for some increased fuel

We don't have enough info but lots glass might mean lots of outside walls too.

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- but the guys had been out twice because the unit was cycling on and off too fast

What does to fast mean to you?
In almost any case with a new HE furnace it should not make much difference in terms of efficiency.

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What do folks typically have their heat set at? -Just curious.

Bell shaped curve in winter centered just below 70F.
My home 68 or 69 when we are home 64 at night, 65 in the day when we are not home. System is a HP though, so we are best off with small changes during our normally moderate weather.

With fuel systems you can efficiently use larger temp variation.

Gas/oil? BTUs-delivered basis is the only way to compare.

PS: On a sq/ft basis your home seems to be in line compared to other local users on this site.

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