Is your system forced air? Or radiant heat?

Have you looked into setting zones for the house 2800 is pretty good size, and odds are there are some rooms which just aren't used that much... Shutting down the dampers (forced air) or tweaking the radiator valve could reduce "wasted" heat in those rooms, just remember to keep the door mostly shut.

Check out this site (home energy calculator) to see if you are in-line with the cost... It takes some work to get the tables all filled in, but it will definitally get you a more accurate picture of how your home is stacking up. It also will give you info on electric as well...

Keep in mind that LTL and Smike are talking about the same house, and it's in "stasis" during the week and usually only "operational" on the weekends.

Good luck! And make sure you check out the different suppliers...!
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