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...I just noticed a new "event" on the Home Page, that Chelsea Piers is teaching basic climbing, 4 sessions, with option of a day with EMS afterward... Sounds form the small blurb that it is geared toward outside and not simply gym climbing. If so - kudos to the gym for taking some action to help their cash cow survive long enough to renew memberships....(joke)

the CP wall is great for building strength but I hadn't noticed too many good (or not so good) gear placements, rocks, loose flakes, snakes or anything else involved in climbing. i am not sure whether this is a step forward or a confidence boost to someone who should hook up with a more experienced climber for a while to learn. i am too young to sound so old, but as this episode clearly demonstrates, there is no substitute for real experience. With the numbers of people climbing now and the legal/access climate such as it is, we dont have the leeway that the pioneers had to go out and teach themselves with a goldline and EBs