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...All parties involved should get a ban from the Preserve until then receive some proper instruction...

This type of thing is becoming more common with the multitudes with no instruction/experience. You can’t mandate a certain level of knowledge/experience. As you probably know, the AMC tried to do that many years ago and the Vulgarians ended that pretty quickly. I was walking off the top of the cliff at dusk and came across a group of young people from Brooklyn who had just climbed Beginner's Delight. They were a party of four with two ropes and two belay devices. They had a Blackberry and were searching Google on how to do a carabineer brake rappel. Two of them were going to rap off using the belay devices and two using a carabineer brake with their new found knowledge from the Internet. They had tried to walk off from the top of cliff but didn't trust the trail and had gotten “lost” so they returned to the top of the climb. I told them to follow me and led them down to the Uberfall. As we were walking down I asked them if they knew of the Munter hitch but they had never heard of it. Unfortunately more people and less knowledge/experience is going to equal more injuries and deaths.