Late to the party, but I for one would hate to see the MUA closed to camping. Legions of climbers from near and far have been camping there for as long as I've been going to the Gunks (8+ years or so). It would be an utter shame to lose it. And for what? Maybe we need to ask ourselves that? Could it be because of the private dwelling that was put right behind the area a few years back? And if the MUA is closed, what impact will that have on that gentleman's property value? I would hazard a guess that this person is politically connected and stands to benefit greatly from the MUA's closure.

This I know - it is FAR easier to prevent a closure than it would be to re-open it after it's closed.

I know the GCC ain't no SCC (they've had an amazing string of successes), but this seems like a very winnable battle should they devote some resources to it. Pick your battles, my ass. I and many others I know would be far more likely to continue camping at the MUA than climbing some remote 40-foot cliff in Minnewaska. I would be happy to devote some money to the GCC for the MUA cause. If they don't take it up, then I won't support the GCC in the future.
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