I am solidly middle class – maybe upper middle class, certainly not wealthy, but I don’t mind paying taxes for healthcare, schools, government regulation of many things, infrastructure and defense. Non-corrupt idealistic governments are not perfect, but it seems to me that all these things are even worse off wore off when the private sector controls them. Of course corrupt governments are often far worse..

Sure I’d like to see our government eliminate waste and solve the grey areas exactly the way I want them to, but I don’t expect much of the first and less of the second.

BOTH choices SUCK!

As for that I don’t feel Obama sucks as a choice. I am not afraid of what he will do, but I am already disappointed as his stances have mellowed. Despite that fact that I might like his view of things, I have never though he was a great candidate. He is far to susceptible to smears and they hurt his campaign severely.

PS: Pretty soon he’ll become a Christian and put the flag back on his plane ;\)

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