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Ohno, as much as I might agree that our electoral system is broken (in more than one way) .... Nader cost us Gore as a president.

Just imagine what the world would look like. Try not to cry, at least out loud.

i can't figure out if you're being serious or not. Would Gore having been pres been a good thing? i think not.

my biggest problems with the candidates are these:

I am a devout atheist. I think religion is foolish. I have a lot of problems with the religious right. Abortion should be a woman's right. No one else but a woman and her doctor should be involved. As hard as it is to say, not even the father.

I think we need to be aggressive in hunting the evil of the world on their territory. but we've been doing it all wrong. we need to transfor a good portion of our military in equipment, ideology, and man power. (interesting book on force transformation, The Pentagon's New Map, by Thomas PM Barnett)

i am against the war on drugs. its obviously not working. legalize and tax.

i am against social welfare programs. i have to work to pay for my health insurance, why does some mexican immigrant get the same level of care in the same emergency room, and not have to pay a damn dime? and food stamps? what happened to the work for food programs? i see people every day buying groceries with EBT and WIC, and then using CASH to buy CRAP.

i want my borders secure, and all illegals tracked, and taxed, just like me. i want a national ID card. not an RFID implant. just a card, like a drivers license. every citizen gets one, you're not supposed to be here? GET OUT NOW.

I want lower taxes. i want to keep some of what little money i make.

and jesus, would standardizing healthcare forms be so complex? thats it, just everyone use the same damn forms.

there. i said it.
now someone please help me pick a candidate.
or i'm writing in Mickey Mouse.
and when I'm 35 I'm Running.

Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.