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i can't figure out if you're being serious or not. Would Gore having been pres been a good thing? i think not
Dead serious, and yes, a Gore presidency would have us in a far, far better state. We would not have created the perfect terrorist kitchen that is Iraq, while forgetting about Afghanistan. Our economy would not be such a mess. Perhaps, just maybe, we'd be less dependent on foreign oil. One man won a Nobel Prize for the depth of his understanding and communication on a single issue; the other is a blundering idiot puppet for neocons and Big Oil, and we've paid the price.

I am a devout atheist. I think religion is foolish. I have a lot of problems with the religious right. Abortion should be a woman's right.
I agree with you here. Note that the intertwining of church and state has ballooned under Bush. Not only is abortion under attack, but "abstinence (mis)education" has led to a notable increase in teenage pregnancy. All kinds of funding has gone towards "faith-based" social programs, at the cost to things like providing condoms. Fer pete's sake, even creationism has upsurged in schools! under Bush. While McCain is, I believe, only making gestures to pander to the religious right, I do expect Obama to actually reverse some of the damage done under Bush.

More importantly, it is very likely that the next president will nominate at least one Supreme Court Justice. Roe V Wade is in a careful balance here, as are many issues separating church and state.

I think we need to be aggressive in hunting the evil of the world on their territory.
but we've been doing it all wrong.[/quote] If you want to continue the mis-led misadventure in Iraq, vote McCain. Otherwise, it's almost a wash.

i am against the war on drugs. its obviously not working. legalize and tax.
I agree, but this isn't a high-flying issue for either candidate. Still, you're more likely to see opinions you'd favor with a Dem.

i am against social welfare programs. i have to work to pay for my health insurance, why does some mexican immigrant get the same level of care in the same emergency room, and not have to pay a damn dime?
Along with Q's note above, realize this: even when you pay privately, the price you pay reflects a need of the hospital to charge you to cover unrecovered costs - the costs of treating the uninsured. You will always pay, like it or not. Thing is, under our present system it also includes a need to pay a million levels of paper-shuffling, and to pay each CEO his bonus. Our health care system is terribly inefficient, in terms of how much care or medicine any given dollar provides.

i want my borders secure, and all illegals tracked, and taxed, just like me. i want a national ID card. not an RFID implant. just a card, like a drivers license. every citizen gets one, you're not supposed to be here? GET OUT NOW.
Having lived in SoCal .... there's just no answer to this, and neither party can provide one. You might hear more strong words out of McCain, but it's hot air.

I want lower taxes. i want to keep some of what little money i make.
We all do. But given the present financial quandry, McCain simply cannot promise the typical GOP "I'll cut your taxes". The difference between O and Mac is mainly in how they plan to tax the highest bracket; I don't expect that you or I will see much difference between them at tax time.

Further in this area, McCain has professed ignorance at any matters economic. Your ability to hold on to what you earn - in terms of lower costs of things like gas and food - is affected by this.

Besides separating church and state, and women's rights, a big thing for me is science policy. The Bush admin. is quite possibly the worst on record in this aspect: it's well documented at many levels that policy puppets substitute politically biased opinions for scientific fact, when making environmental and even public health policy. I don't expect any headway under McCain to reverse this trend (he doesn't seem to mind ignorance, even his own). I do expect it under a Democrat.

Honestly, I'm not excited about Obama, so I can't be infecting you with that virus either. I do expect that Democratic interests align more closely with my own, and I know that I disagree strongly with some important things for McCain. I am disgusted by his VP pick, and what it reflects of his view of women. That is how I will vote. Not that my vote even matters, in MA, but that's another topic.