Obama's resume is painfully thin. That's why all the focus is on charisma and platitudes. He went with Biden because anyone else would highlight Obama's lack of job experience. Biden as the running mate is a strange choice. Especially with Biden's baggage; plagerizing forced him out of the 1988 Presidential election (his less than 5% in Iowa this year still proves he's a loser candidate.), his son is being sued over a huge hedge fund fraud scandal (barely making the press, hmmm i wonder why, is more baggage than any campaign needs). Too bad the media is all focused on Bristol Palin, Hunter Biden could use some of the media's attention. What Obama does have in his CV is lots of stuff he doesn't want associated wih him anymore (Ayers, Trinity United Church of Christ, Father Fleagle, and, gasp, Farrakhan and Tony Rezco). The media has been doing a full court press, almost 3 to 1, in super favorable coverage of him and Obama still can't close the deal.