Great posts mgs and Daniel. Thank you for the time and effort.

More on Daniels following paragraph:

Finally, I think Obama will respect the Constitution more than McCain. McCain, to his credit, has said he will close Guantanamo. This is sensible if only because it has cost us far more than it has benefited us. But McCain does seem to think he can ignore congressional law on wiretapping (and who knows what else). This administration has done great damage to the founding principles of this nation: separation of powers, and checks and balances (and habeas corpus). I hold fast to those principles not because they're old, but because they work and help preserve our freedom.

I’d like to say that respecting human rights, civil rights and the constitution is the single most important issue for me. Arguments can be had on both sides for many of the other issues. Of course I believe in the solutions I do, but I understand that I might be wrong about some and that there may be more than one solution.

But since the US has admitted to and allowed actions I consider torture, since we have kidnapped and imprisoned people without representation and trial, and since almost random wire tapping has been allowed and worse since we know it has been abused I cannot be proud of what we have allowed or support those who allowed or performed these actions. Personally I feel some should be considered war criminals.

Otherwise? I agree fully with every one of Daniels points, and would vote for O’Bama simply on mgs argument if I didn’t. There is precious little that I might vote for McCain over Obama for and absolutely I know about Palins view of things I wouldn’t vote against.

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