Mworking, I’m not taking you to task for this, yet I wonder why Obama is spelled O’bama in a couple of your posts.
Mgs’s and Daniel’s posts resonate with me quite a bit. In a film that came and went last month, Swing Vote, the entire presidential election hinges on the vote of one man. If I were that man, I’d vote for Obama on a lesser-of-evils basis. In a prior thread I noted that, while I largely approved of Obama’s US Senate voting record when he did vote, he was recorded as not voting on quite a few important bills. On no occasion did I see him paired for or against anything. He voted yea on the latest FISA amendment. He reneged on a pledge to accept public funding. I thought that I might vote for him earlier this year, but for the above reasons, I changed my mind. Pity, there is so much about him I like.